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Things to Do Right Now to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

Updated: Apr 21

It may be a little late to get started on your beach body, but now is the perfect time to get your home ready for summer. This season brings on extreme weather ­– soaring temperatures, heavy rains, and everything in between.

Summer is also a time when you might be staying at home more often – whether you’re on vacation or you just don’t want to stay out in the sun. So, be sure you and your home are ready for the season!

Keep Cool and Carry On

You’re definitely going to give your air conditioner a workout in the next few months, so give it a little TLC. Before the summer heat sets in, wash your filters (you should be doing this every month!) and make sure it’s running properly. Maintaining your A/C unit can also keep down your electricity bill, which will no doubt go up in the warmer months.

Do consider giving yourself a break from the air conditioned room once in a while, though. Especially if you live in a smaller space like a studio, using an air conditioner 24/7 can deprive yourself of fresh air.

Don’t Hesitate, Ventilate

Poor ventilation can cause headaches, allergies, asthma, the spread of disease, and infections. If your room isn’t ventilated properly, odors, dust, and fumes will not be able to dissipate and you’ll be stuck in an unhealthy environment.

Create better ventilation by opening up your windows. Again, this goes with turning off the air con once in a while.

If your home’s location offers you some nice, fresh air, then by all means, open up those windows and doors! If you can, open windows that are located in different sections of the house to create a cross breeze. The air will enter from one end and leave through the other end and it will let the air flow through the house.

If you live in a condo, work with what you have. Crack open that one window that you have or if you’re luckier, slide open the door to your balcony.

Help the air circulate through your home better by turning on the electric fan. Also, be sure your kitchen and bathroom have proper ventilation and exhaust so that fumes and odors don’t get stuck in your house.

Ban the Bugs

Most insects go into hibernation while the temperature is cool, so the moment they sense the air getting warmer, they’ll be coming out to play. You may be safe if you live up on the top floor of a condominium in Makati, but you’ll definitely have to take extra measures to keep the bugs out if you live near nature like in Tagaytay.

Make sure you are completely sealed in – there should be no cracks, leaks, or holes in the wrong places. Double check the little corners of your windows and doors.

Then, spray the outside of your home with pesticides, preferably an organic one!

Stay Dry

Summer brings heavy rains aa well as floods. You can’t stop the rain from falling, but you could prevent floods as much as you can. If you’re living at home, have your roof inspected. Make sure that there are no cracks or leaks where water can trickle in.

Take a stroll around your area and check the gutters. Be sure they’re not clogged – this is the main cause of flood.

While you’re at it, take note of the little vessels and spaces that might collect water when it rains. Be sure that you don’t let them turn into stagnant pools, which are the breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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