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The Different Colors of Makati

Updated: Jul 5

Perhaps life in Makati is what best defines Philippine urban living.

The city that started as a central business district had since evolved into a home for people with active, fast-paced and exciting lifestyles.

With a total land area of 27.36 square kilometers, Makati also spells diversity – whether you want to live in an area where it’s busy during the day, or bursting with life at night, or even stay in those districts that do not seem to ever sleep – there is a space carved for you.

So what is it like in a day of a Makati citizen or Makatizen? Let us take a peek into their lifestyle as we walk along the streets of Makati.

Living in the business district

In every corner of Makati, you will find residential spaces both horizontal (houses) and vertical (condominium buildings). Year after year, real estate developers come up with developments more interesting than the last that will surely satisfy the market’s modern taste.

Financial Transactions

There is a wide selection of financial establishments in the whole of Makati. Take your pick from international banks to rural banks, money changers, even bitcoin ATM’s! There is so much commercial activity within the city that these banks get filled easily, so much so that at times, there are even more than one of the same bank along a single street or avenue.

The Business District

With the country’s busy and simultaneous infrastructure building activities, it is highly recommended that you reside within walking distance from where you work. There are three (3) major thoroughfares in Makati that encapsulates Makati’s main business district: Makati Avenue, Ayala Avenue and Buendia Avenue. This is the center of commerce and its streets have been made friendly for pedestrians. In these areas, there are already underground passageways that are interconnected for better and convenient access. In the midst of the busy traffic along the streets of Makati, the local government has provided pathways for walking so that people have an alternative and perhaps a faster way to get to their destination.

The Neighborhoods in Makati

In the business district, there are two (2) main neighborhoods: Legaspi Village and Salcedo Village. These two most popular identifiers on “which side of Makati are you on” are highly diverse mixed with classic and modern residential condominiums, third wave coffee shops, establishments that offer unique dining experiences, and workers from multinational corporations that own buildings, small to medium enterprises that rent office floors, and start-ups that prefer to be in co-working spaces.

Walking Along the Streets of Makati

At any time of the day, you will surely have an experience worth telling or writing about when you walk along the streets of Makati. Interestingly enough, when you walk from neighborhood to neighborhood, you will feel the shift in the ambience and atmosphere. Imagine walking along Ayala avenue hearing all the noise that the street has to offer – from buses to private vehicles and even the “barkers” who make sure that public vehicles are full of passengers. You will see traffic enforcers barely getting their rest because they constantly have to regulate traffic.

Then turn to Paseo De Roxas street and into Legaspi Village where it is more quiet but not any less busy. You will see more pedestrians more relaxed and less agitated. There are cars but there are more streets that you can slip into and enjoy some peace and quiet. Perhaps those streets would be C. Palanca or Rada street or even Esteban where you will find yourself along a strip of unique establishments that offer unique food, speakeasy places and even those that offer places where you can take one-hour naps.

When you go into the underpass across the other side of Paseo de Roxas street, you will find yet another world of busy workers and modern skyscrapers. Walk a bit further and you will find yourself in a street called Dela Costa street where you can taste the most authentic Japanese Ramen in the whole city, an authentic Indian restaurant or a hangout place inspired by New Orleans.

This is perhaps only a third of Makati, and every passing day, it has something new to offer. Walking along the streets of Makati takes you on an adventure each and every time.

Enjoying Nature Amidst the Urban Jungle

A city is not complete without its appreciation to nature; Makati is no exception. At any district in the city, you will find a patch of land rich with trees and conducive to reflection or simply shows the beauty of nature. Some of the more popular ones are the Legaspi Park, Salcedo Park, Washington Sycip Park, and the Ayala Triangle Gardens where you can enjoy a spectacle of dancing lights during Christmas season.

Satisfying Your Food Cravings

Makati is home to most modern and hole-in-the-wall food establishments. As it is diverse with different types of people and taste, it also provides restaurants that satisfy these varying tastes. Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines are on top of the list, but there are also those that can rarely be found such as Middle Eastern, Eastern European and, Mediterranean cuisines.

After a hearty meal, if you are looking for real, fresh coffee, you can take your pick from the many third wave coffee shops in Makati.

Weekends in Makati

One of the things that people like about weekend mornings in Makati are their weekend markets particularly Salcedo and Legaspi markets. This is where unique food finds and Sunday morning picnic experience meet. You will find authentic Turkish food, fresh pritson (roasted pig skin in hoisin sauce wrapped in tortilla) and other food that will surely give you an experience you will never forget and will make you keep coming back weekend after weekend.

Complete Retail Experience

The shopping opportunities are abundant to say the least, just as there are people who are busy working during the day, they also reward themselves at the end of the day through retail therapy. Shopping malls in Makati have stores that offer a complete range of necessities and luxuries for people with different tastes. The more popular ones are Glorietta, Greenbelt and Powerplant Mall – but there are also those that offer goods at bargain prices such as Makati Cinema Square, A. Venue and even Walter Mart.

Always a Night to Remember

After a busy day at work, the people of Makati know how to wind down. As the saying goes, “work hard, party harder” – and you will never run out of new places to “chill”. Aside from the speakeasy bars, you can also hangout in the Poblacion area where you will experience good music. There are also traditional wine bars for the quiet taste as well as places along Jupiter street where you can karaoke all night long.

Makati is a world on its own that is rich in culture and diversity. If you are out to experience daily adventures the moment you step out of your home, then Makati is surely the city for you.

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