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Taguig City Guide

Updated: Jul 5

One of the fastest progressing cities in Metro Manila is Taguig. The multi-hectare land that was once a military base was developed by Ayala Land in 2003 into another business district now known as Bonifacio Global City or BGC.

Did you know that there is a percentage of land within the district that is dedicated to the preservation and cannot be developed into any structure? This is one of the unique characteristics of BGC. Every bit and piece of the city contributes to the image of the city as a hub of lifestyle and leisure. Being a BGCitizen means someone who knows how to work hard and enjoy life at the same time. So what does being a BGCitizen entail?

Working at The Fort

Unlike other cities, buildings in BGC are farther apart so it gives a feeling of more space and gives workers a feeling of being able to have more room to breathe. Because each area is smartly diverse and offers a little bit of everything, working anywhere within BGC becomes very convenient. Anything you need is at arm’s reach, whether you need to go banking, or need to buy something at the mall, or simply get something to eat.

Live and Be Entertained

The city administration works double-time to provide regular events for the residents of the area. Events hosted are related to arts, culture, food, and anything related to the improvement of quality of life.

This space can also be called child and pet friendly as it not only reflects on the events dedicated for the mentioned profiles but its destinations and establishments prove that as well. One of the places that gained so much clamor was Kidzania, where children can play and learn at the same time. On top of that, children and pets alike get to enjoy running and playing on the green patches of land across the whole city.

Endless Sights

Aside from the obvious art installations within the district that make you feel as if you are walking into and through a giant outdoor museum, there are also actual museums that you can visit within the district. One of the most popular is the Mind Museum, which is the go-to destination for field and educational trips.

Retail Therapy

Speaking of leisure, retail therapy is also very much offered in the area. There are easily four (4) malls that people can enjoy in the area: SM Aura, an enclosed space where you can find normal stores, Market! Market! – where you can find goods and items at bargain prices, Uptown Mall, a recent addition to the bunch, a closed building where you can find the more upscale stores, and Bonifacio High Street, a shopping plaza that embraces the eco-friendly concept where it equally offers specialty stores as much as it offers nature and art, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Happy Tummy

Aside from having at least three (3) Jollibee branches within BGC, it has become a place where people of varying tastes can satisfy their pallets. From the Filipino fast-food favorites to the unique fusion offerings, you will all find It in BGC. As a matter of fact, the city has been known to house the first-ever Mercato Centrale, a place that gives a festive feel to diners and offers one-of-a-kind delicacies at affordable prices. There are so many areas in BGC that you can go to and choose from a wide variety of food – aside from the malls, there are other areas such as Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Stopover, Bonifacio Triangle, The Strip, and more.

When you are out to look for unique food, you are sure to find something here and you are guaranteed to be satisfied no matter what you are craving for.

Get Fit

Because of its large flatlands, another thing that BGC is popular for is the marathons. Every year, the city hosts a number of marathons that spring across the whole city. On regular days, you will find residents of BGC’s surrounding residential condominiums jogging alone or with their dogs, or doing yoga outdoors. This is a common scene in Bonifacio Global City.

For those that are more sensitive, there are also at least three gyms in BGC: Fitness First, Anytime Fitness for those who like to work out in the wee hours of the night, and Elorde Boxing Gym.

So if you are a health buff and you enjoy working out, you have a ton of options to choose from and surely this is something that will entice you more into getting fit and healthy.

Party at Night

Bonifacio Global City is also a place where you will find nightlife anywhere you turn. Depending on your taste, this is yet another checklist that you can do every Friday, Saturday, or even weeknight. The more popular and chill places that are known are Valkyrie Night Club at 9th Avenue and Bank Bar located at the RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center. If you want a more under-the-stars feel, you can go to Straight Up Roofdeck Bar or The Palace Pool Club in Uptown BGC. There is also Prive Luxury Club where you can not only enjoy good music and drinks but meet other people as well.

Live In BGC

Truly living in BGC has its perks and joys. It gives people a stress-free environment that allows them to stop and smell the flowers. If you work in BGC and live within the district as well, then you are living the dream.

For so many years, Taguig was equated to Bonifacio Global City. Unknown to many, there are also other notable areas in Taguig.

Another place that is growing more popular is McKinley Hill. This is another independent district that has a life of its own. The more popular places that the district houses are Enderun, MINT College, and Hewlett Packard Headquarters.

There are also entertainment places such as The Venice Piazza that imitate the famous city in Italy, that it even has a man-made river and has gondolas that people can ride, with a matching singing rower!

The city is so progressive, all these were developed in the last twenty (20) years and these are only a few of the popular places in Taguig. There are so many more and expect that in the coming years, there will be so much more.

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