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12 must-have furniture for every room in your new home

Updated: Apr 21

Are you furnishing your new home, but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place: We put together a list of furniture you may want to consider for each room.

If you’re budget-conscious, buy from home stores and the home section of your favorite department store that offer presentable and practical furniture, instead of getting sucked into fancy, expensive home decor shops. Better yet, use our list when you search for pegs on Pinterest, and have your local furniture-maker or neighborhood carpenter recreate them for you!


1. Bed. Of course your bedroom needs a bed, but make sure to get the best one you can afford, one that will last you a lifetime, with a high-quality mattress with the right firmness for the best possible, most comfortable sleep. Maybe even invest in one with a headboard for added character. For your kid’s room or the nursery, consider bunk beds or camp beds they would want to sleep in. (Trust us, it will be worth the investment.)

2. Bedside Table. You need that space for you to place all your essentials that you want within reach, including your reading lamp, glasses, jewellery, books, mobile phones, and your alarm clock, if you still keep one. Add a framed photo for that more personal touch.

3. Storage. Think shelves and cabinets that will help you organize the clutter in your bedroom, or even chairs that double as storage. Invest in one that blends with the theme of your bedroom and will fit right in with your walls. If you’re just renting the home, choose one that you can easily bring with you when you move.

4. Desk. Whether in your bedroom or your separate study, choose a wide, sturdy desk that will allow for productivity. A corner desk provides great space to work while also being a space saver. A wooden desk will instantly add character to the room as it brings the outdoors in and lends a bit of rustic beauty to your space.


5. Sofa. The defining piece of your living room comes in many shapes, styles, fabrics, and costs. Pick the best one you can afford and which suits your lifestyle. For instance, if you live alone and are too busy to do regular cleaning, choose one that requires less maintenance. It’s also a plus if you can find one that’s part of a set that already includes armchairs and maybe even a console.

6. Coffee Table. Your living room won’t look or feel complete without this. Choose one that stands out, as it’s right smack in the middle of the room, or at least the sitting area, or in that space between the sofa and the armchairs. It’s functional and makes everything look put together. Great if you can pick one with built-in storage compartments.

7. Investment Chair. Think of that one chair you would love to curl up in when you’re in the living room. This can also serve as a nice accent to the room. Choose one in a material you’ll be most comfortable sitting in, but you can’t go wrong with leather in a solid color that complements the living room theme.

8. Ottoman. Never underestimate the use of an ottoman, which is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own. It’s usually characterized by an upholstered seat, without a back or arms. It’s often used as a stool or footstool, while some even use it as a chic coffee table replacement. It would be great to pick one with built-in storage. Neat if you’ll find one that’s part of a set that perhaps includes a couch and chairs.

9. Console. Another versatile piece your living room will need is a console table that’s both functional and can used as display space for decor, art, or even a mirror. Place the console against the wall or a space that would otherwise remain unused.


10. Dining Table. The most common shapes are rectangular or round, but why not experiment with a square or round dining table that that extends to seat more?

11. Dining Chairs. The right dining chairs will add color and beauty to your dining area. Make sure to pick comfortable ones, ideally upholstered, which will allow you and your dining companions to sit for a long dinner. You also have the option to put slipcovers on your chairs to change their look for certain occasions.

12. Bar cabinet or Bar Cart. Do you and your companion love to drink? This is an essential part of your dining area. If you can’t get a classy bar cabinet, a bar cart you can move around will do.

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