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11 decorative items you NEED in your home—and where to get them

Updated: Apr 21

You’ve furnished your new home; now how must you decorate it? Besides the furniture, decor is a vital way to put personal touches on your home.

It’s how you make the house your own. They don’t have to be just pretty; pick ones that are functional, too. We put together a list of things you may want to consider if you’re decorating your new home

1. Light fixtures, lamps, and other light sources

Think luminaires and lanterns, candelabras votives, and tea light holders. Something as functional as lighting can be a focal decor for any room. Placement of your light sources is also key. Floor lamps or table lamps should be near seats, wall lamps close to beds, have matching lamps for matching tables, and so on. Pendant-type light fixtures are also a strong trend to consider. Great if you can install dimmers or pick bulbs that have built-in step-dimmable and color-changing features that work with your home’s existing switches without rewiring.

2. Beddings, bedspread, duvets, pillows and pillowcases

Whether you live in a place that has four seasons, including winter, or you just can’t live without air conditioning in your tropical country, beddings should complement the season and help make tucking into bed the best part of your day. Choose chic ones that already come as a set so they all match and ideally complement your bedroom theme.

3. Throw pillows

Besides adding to the aesthetic of your furniture, decorative pillows and throws make your seats and beds more comfortable and inviting. Pick ones that reflect your personal style, have a pleasant texture, and complement the look of the room.

4. Rug

Here’s a tip from Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have): “The first element you should buy for a room is the rug. Not only does an area rug provide warmth and style to a room, it also dictates the layout of furniture in a space, so the correct size is essential. A rug’s hue and texture anchor that of the furnishings in the room, so it really is easiest to build a room from the rug up.”

5. Frames

Besides art, which can range from the rare expensive kinds to the ones you and your children made, there are so many things you can put in pretty frames that can define the look of any room. Anything from your smartphone photos to the map of the country or even a museum you recently visited can be framed and turned into unique home decor.

6. Vase

Put those blooms you received or picked out from the market to good use by livening up any room while on display in a statement vase. Pick one that can “stand on its own as a decor piece in your home” on days when you don’t have flowers to put in it, suggests Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have).

7. Room scent

Besides fresh flowers (which you may not have everyday), one way to define your space is to choose a signature scent for it. Pick one according to the environment you envision each space to be—“woodsy, lush, floral, airy—and stock up on a candle, incense or essential oil that takes you there,”recommends Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have).

8. Towel sets

Chic matching towels are a way to add some style to your bathroom in the most functional way. Residents and guests would appreciate having a towel on hand for wiping each time they wash, or within reach after a shower. Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have) writes “be sure your sets (always have two sets in case of guests!) complement your bathroom design. Classic white or neutral tones are easy enough, but a pattern or unexpected color can do wonders for a bathroom as well.”

9. Mirrors

These are prime examples of decor that meets both function and style. Mirrors can brighten up a room, create the illusion of more space (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have), and of course allow you to ensure you look your best before you step out of the house, while also serving as focal point of a room if you chose a remarkable mirror style.

10. Window covers

From curtains and drapes to blinds and panels, you can personalize any space with your choice of window coverings. “Windows are often the immediate focal point when you enter a space, so be sure they are properly dressed to complement the room’s scale and style,” recommends Architectural Digest (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/30-things-every-30-something-should-have).

11. Baskets and hampers

Canvas hampers and handwoven hideaway baskets in chic prints are not only decorative, they also primarily serve to keep everything else you want hidden and neatly tucked away, like laundry and other miscellaneous knick-knacks.

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